Heiko Knauer | About
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Inspired through analog photography,
polished by nature.


For over ten years now, Heiko Knauer has travelled the world, having been to the most beautiful and breathtaking places around the globe with his camera. It is his passion – his calling – to bring together the world of nature and the world of film, staging it both from a feature or documentary film perspective. From nature documentaries to snowboard movies – Heiko has filmed on almost every continent, while at the same time having worked as cameraman in numerous major advertising and feature film productions in Germany.

Heiko’s trademark? Always being perfectly prepared and having an eye for this one special moment that he then captures with his camera. Heiko Knauer contributes to every production with innovative ideas and his unique approach to the art of film-making. Accompanied by his camera this is how Heiko brings to life directors’ creative visions in their full beauty and artistic reciprocity.

No matter if he is working with his own or rented equipment – Heiko always offers individual and customized concepts and solutions that every good film production are built on.